What Are Different Lamp Shade Styles?

There are many styles of lamps to choose from and all of these lamps will need an appropriate shade to cover them. These shades are available from many retailers and can be had for a variety of prices. Many people enjoy different styles of lamp shades and use them with their lamps to create unusual and distinctive features. A stylish shade can do wonders for a basic lamp. There are several material styles some of the most common being fabric, parchment and botanical styles.

Lampshades can come in conical, hexagonal,square top, square top coolie, round, triangular, standard drum shape and other assorted shapes and styles, so whatever lamp an individual is looking to improve on,there should be a suitable shade to buy.

There are also Tiffany shades for lamps which tend to be expensive, anywhere from about 100 to 500 hundred dollars or even more if you have a large lamp to cover, but have great appeal and can dress up a plain, garden variety lamp, chandelier, floor lamp or any other style. A person first needs to decide if the shade they are interested in will work for them be it a sconce or desk lamp or if it can cover a larger lamp or floor lamp. The price varies widely with these types of shades, but they can be purchased either online or in brick and mortar stores.

There are of course, a variety of prices to go along with different styles of lampshades. They can be had anywhere from around ten dollars to several hundred dollars in price. One as the lampshade purchaser, needs to know what sort of lampshades they are interested in purchasing and what they are willing to pay to have the shade they most desire.

An individual looking to purchase a lampshade also would want something practical, functional and attractive. A straight drum shade lamp can be had from as little as $34.00 to $85.00 or more depending on the material an individual wishes to use. As mentioned previously, there are many different materials that a lampshade can consist of so an individual will want to look at pictures of the various shades available to see what will work for their particular lamp. Any person looking to purchase a lampshade will also need to know the dimensions of the shade they are looking for and will need to measure an existing shade for the height and diameter so they know what to order or purchase.

It is recommended you research different lampshade styles from popular lighting stores Lumens lighting or Home Depot. For further assistance online, check out www.lightingcoach.com.

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