Tips For Buying Wood Table Lamps

Wood Table LampsA good wood table lamp is a perfect way to direct light in a room to a very focused space. If you like to read in a certain spot, a good wooden table lamp can soften the light and make it easier to read, instead of having to depend on an overhead light that can be too much light for the purpose.

Having a light closer to you can ease eye strain even if reading isn’t your thing. Movie buffs have long turned to using smaller lights instead of big overhead lights to limit the amount of light they have around them when it’s time for that weekend movie marathon.

However, wood table lamps have certain considerations that need to be made before you rush out and pick up one yourself.

First, consider the size and thickness of the table you will be placing your wooden table lamps on. Wood itself can range from being very light to being heavy based on the type of wood that’s used in the construction of the lamp.

If you have a table that has a thin glass layer, you may want to hold off on a very tall or very heavy wood table lamp. A wooden table that’s constructed out of solid wood will be able to hold just about any table lamp with ease.

The trick is to balance the size of the lamp with the overall sturdiness of the table you’ll be placing it on. Failure to take this into consideration can cause serious damage to your existing table. In the case of glass, that can mean the entire top cracking and shattering if the glass is extremely thin.

Aside from size, be sure to look at the different types of wood that can make up the table lamp itself. Different designers around the world like LZF lighting in Spain use different kinds of wood than Arteriors from Texas. Match the type of wood up with the overall design of your existing room space. Timeless woods that are always in season for decoration purposes are pine, oak, and cedar. Cherry woods also make a very nice material for good wooden table lamps.

Be sure to keep in mind the cleaning requirements for a wood table lamp — polishing and treating the wood with care will bring out the natural shine and glow of the wood. Be sure to use a very gentle polishing solution — there are many products out that are made for specific woods. If you pick up any cleaning agent, be sure to read its instructions carefully and test the product on a spot that isn’t readily visible before you use the cleaning agent on the rest of the wood.

In general, picking up a wooden table lamp is a good way to add an accent piece to a room that easily doubles as a good light source for reading or watching movies. There are so many different designs and varieties of wood table lamps out there that are sure to fit any budget. With the tips in this guide, you should have no trouble at all picking up a wood table lamp that’s right for you!

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