Maintaining Your Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

Many people choose outdoor aluminum furniture because of many reasons. Furniture made of aluminum has many advantages over furniture made of other materials such as plastic, wood, and other types of metal. For instance, aluminum furniture is cheaper and lighter than hardwood and other types of steel. It is more durable than plastic and looks more elegant. There are also many different styles to choose from.

Manufacturers of modern outdoor furniture like Emeco and Herman Miller prefer aluminum because of its sturdiness and malleability. You can create different styles of furniture using aluminum because it is highly flexible. You can also make furniture with complicated designs and shapes. Aluminum is durable but you can make it last even longer by learning how to take care of your outdoor aluminum furniture properly. Here are some tips on how to care for your outdoor aluminum furniture.

The good thing about outdoor aluminum furniture is that it does no rust compared to other types of metal. However, aluminum can be prone to discoloration especially when exposed to substances like ammonia, soda, and TSP. If you are going to use detergent, make sure that it is mild and does not have a negative effect to the outdoor aluminum furniture. You can make your own cleaning solution using a combination of water and lemon or lime juice, cream or tartar, or vinegar.

You can clean the surface of your outdoor aluminum garden at the end of each season. General cleaning should be done after each season because each season requires different kind of cleaning for the furniture. For instance, the heat of the summer season can cause fading while rain or snow from rainy and winter season can form mud or hardened dirt on the surface of the outdoor aluminum furniture.

For light cleaning, you can regularly dust the outdoor aluminum furniture or you can wipe the surface with damp cloth. This will prevent dirt buildup that can be more difficult to clean. Regular cleaning is the key to brand new looking outdoor aluminum furniture sets.

If you are going to be away for several days or if you are not going to use your outdoor aluminum furniture because of the extreme weather condition outside, you should consider covering the furniture set with plastic or canvas cover. This way, they will be protected from dust and rain that can cause damage.

Another way to protect your outdoor aluminum furniture is to place them under a roof. They are protected in your patio but they might be exposed to the elements in your garden or yard. You can install a roof or a tent to ensure that the furniture pieces are protected, especially if they have cushions that can acquire dirt easily.

To protect your outdoor aluminum furniture from corrosion, you can apply an even layer of car wax on the surface. This does not only protect your aluminum. It also makes the aluminum shiny, which makes it look as if it is newly bought.

Outdoor aluminum furniture should be properly taken care of if you want it to last for many years and to keep it looking like brand new. For more tips on maintaining your modern outdoor furniture, take a second to visit on Pinterest.

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