Monte Carlo Fans Could be the Right Fit!

The Monte Carlo Fan Company, founded in 1996 and currently headquartered in Riverside, NJ, is one of the true innovators in ceiling fan designs in the world today. People who are style-conscious, and who wish to use their ceiling fan as the design centerpiece for a room, flock to the many styles of Monte Carlo ceiling fans.

Indoor Elegance – a Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Distinctive

Currently, Monte Carlo ceiling fans for indoor use are available in such designs as Natural fans, Transitional fans, Ornate and Contemporary fans, as well as high-performance fans. Many Monte Carlo ceiling fans also qualify as ENERGY STAR energy efficient models, which will saves energy (and lowers your out-of-pocket energy costs).

Outdoor Durability – Outdoor Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

Perhaps you have always wanted a ceiling fan in an outdoor environment – such as in a Gazebo or Pergola, or perhaps on board a yacht? Yet the thought of using one in the outdoors – wet and damp environments – makes you wonder if that is possible. It is! And Monte Carlo makes a full line of outdoor ceiling fans, such as their famous ‘Yachtsman’ line, Carmel fans, Peninsula Fans and their Weatherford and Weatherford II fans.

Need Accessories? Monte Carlo Has Them

Perhaps you need some lighting accessories for your Monte Carlo ceiling fans – they are currently available for their Ming Dynasty, Yachtsman, Great Lodge, Mandalay, and Durango designs. Monte Carlo also fully stocks other accessories for your ceiling fans: bowl caps, canopies, couplers, scroll kits, fan blades of every type and size, downrods, pull chains, wall switches, as well as remote-control units.

For mounting lights on Monte Carlo ceiling fans, you can purchase separate light kits, dual mounts, fitters, and glass 2- 1/4″ and also 4″ glass. Wondering when it is right to buy a ceiling fan light kit? Check out his guide to buying ceiling fans. They have a complete on-line inventory that is fully search able both by fan size as well as by finish.

We find that Amazon consistently has the best prices on Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans so we would recommend trying them first, then giving Lumens or YLiving a try.

What Kitchen Light Fixtures Are The Best?

There are many different kitchen lighting fixtures to choose from, so once you have decided on the mood that you want to create, take your time to guarantee you get the effect that you want. There are many styles of kitchen lighting fixtures to choose from that include sunken ceiling lighting, halogen spotlights, track fittings, pendant lighting or fluorescents to name a few.

Creating that perfect balance of atmosphere and functionality is also vital, because if you add intense fluorescent lights it might be a little overwhelming. Track lighting fittings can be an economical choice for a kitchen lighting fixture and there are plenty of contemporary styles to choose from from iconic designers like Louis Poulsen or Tom Dixon, that are extremely quick and simple to install, provided you know what you are doing!

This choice of kitchen lighting fixture is readily available and is particularly versatile as it can be positioned to direct light exactly where you need it, providing perfect illumination for those specific areas of your kitchen that demand a good deal of light.

It is true to say that one of the most essential areas of your home is your kitchen, and it is a common fault to add a simple central ceiling fixture that lights up the entire room. However, it is worth bearing in mind that different beams of light are very useful in specific areas of the room, for reading recipes, preparing vegetables, baking and simply stacking the dishwasher with dishes.

The best kitchen lighting fixtures I installed were located over the breakfast table in our kitchen. This area was an essential part of our kitchen planning, as different types of lighting fixtures for this amazingly useful space were required. It may be a little tempting to simply add these later, however, this can be such a special family area. The best kitchen lighting fixtures should provide lighting with a nice warm glow, a light that should flow perfectly well with the rest of your kitchen.

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Modern Tips For Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting can be accomplished in a variety of ways but the main consideration is to ensure you have the right level of light. Different parts of the bathroom require different kinds of lighting, especially if the room is large. Mirrors are where most light is needed as this is where you will be washing and shaving, or applying make up. Modern bathroom mirrors can have lights built into the very mirror itself.

The more general configuration is to have side lights along the mirror that have diffusers so as not to cause too much glare. An alternative is to have a fluorescent light placed above the mirror. Whichever way you choose, be careful of creating shadows that can affect visibility.

For the shower and bath area, it is important to use a low voltage lighting system. Safety is paramount, and lights that can be exposed to water require an ingress protection rating. The ratings range from 0 to 8, where 8 is a light that can be totally submerged in water, and 0 is not suitable for any kind of use near water. These lights are freely available from most electrical stores and larger outlets such as argos. If you are not sure what rating you need then speak to a qualified electrician. Most stores that sell shower lighting will have experts on hand as well.

For general lighting in the bathroom, most people choose either recessed or spot lighting. Recessed lights are good because they are unobtrusive and blend in well with the ceiling. It is a classic styling feature that people love these days. Installation is a little trickier, and you need to attach them to the ceiling joists for the most secure support. Spot lights have the advantage of being easier to fit, and some of the latest designs allow you to change the direction of the light. This gives you more flexibility and choice. Both types of lights are very easy to get hold of, and retail stores like argos extra sell them by the hundreds. For a little more style you can choose the stainless steel varieties, which are by far the most popular choice.

Most bathroom and vanity lighting can also be dimmed with the addition of a dimmer control or timed switch. Adding a modernized dimmer from Legrand Adorne will help to add a lot of character to your bathroom.

Stay tuned for more bathroom lighting ideas gathered from the best lighting experts on the web.

Sponsored Post: The Unique Lighting by LBL

The name means everything, especially when it comes to the elements that make up a room or a home, for that matter. Superior quality, bold design and perfect light are essential to accentuating any space. A truly unique fixture is only a click away. LBL Lighting will always give you that special something that delivers.

Th richly saturated fixtures at LBL are forged from the highest quality glasses, metals and electronics. They have based their lighting philosophy on three essential traits: beauty, originality, and quality. Each fixture must find a balance between these qualities, accentuating the room and the light and adding to the overall beauty of the room.

From its humble origins as a family business, LBL has since merged with the powerfully innovative Encompass Lighting Group. LBL Lighting has played upon the delicate interplay of glass, light, and art for close to 40 years. Their unique fixtures have been featured in unique, one-of-a-kind environments as well as family homes and bedrooms.

An essential wing of the EL Group, LBL is proud to be partnered with such lighting luminaries as Tech Lighting, Wilmette Lighting, ELEMENT, and T~trak. If the company you keep is indicative of the quality you strive towards, then LBL is indeed in good company. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, the EL Group is known for its precision fixtures, superb materials, innovative design, and customizable capabilities.

A pair of Levi’s jeans is a pair of Levi’s jeans. In much the same manner, an LBL fixture is an LBL fixture. Although generic drugs may be comparable to name brands, there is no such correlation in the lighting world. When it comes to interior decorating, generic or no-name fixtures seldom get the job. The name means everything. For most clients, the name brand is a reflection of the time and money invested in any given room, home, or business.

About the Author, Bill Zimmerman:
Prospective decorators are encouraged to contact a reliable LBL Lighting vendor today. Never settle for no-name fixtures. LBL Lighting has been blazing a decorative trail for nearly 40 years.

For more information about LBL Lighting and other contemporary lighting vendors, visit Lumens on Houzz.

Why Update Your Bathroom Lighting?

Bathroom light fixtures provide more than just contemporary lighting. There is a wide variety of lighting fixtures available to suit every size bathroom, and every possible decor. Choose from traditional styles, antique styles, modern light fixtures, or transitional styles. They do much more than light your face in the mirror.

There are fixtures that use the new energy saving light bulbs, to save money and be kind to our environment. There are incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs to use in the fixtures. Select from wall mount, sconces, ceiling mount, or mirror lighting. Safety is foremost in your selection, and any light fixtures need to be protected from water or splashes. Cords would definitely not be appropriate in bathrooms. Dimmer switches can be installed, and there are new fluorescent lights that can be used with dimmers also.

Most bathrooms have at least vanity mirror lighting, and possibly a ceiling light fixture, such as bathroom pendant lighting or flush mount light fixtures. Some newer styles can be mounted either above or on the side of mirrors, using lights that provide good skin color with no shadows. Heat lamps can be installed in ceilings for extra warmth following your shower or bath. If there is a hot tub in the bathroom, that is another area that should have adequate lighting. A dimmer or soft lighting might be nice in that area, or a directional spotlight if you like to relax in the tub with a book.

Lighting should be selected to be flattering, as the bathroom mirror shows all flaws when well lit. Since cleaning can be an issue in bathrooms, the ceiling or overhead lights should be bright enough to support visibility for cleaning all areas, especially around the toilet and sink areas.

Designer bathroom light fixtures are plentiful. Metal finishes include matte, shiny, brushed, antique, bronze, silver, or gold. You can also go with marble, bamboo, chrome or aluminum, copper, alabaster, crystal, or oak for more designer accents. Colorful lighting is another way to accessorize your bathroom. You can match your lighting to floor coverings and towels. Metal finishes tend to go with all colors, and white or black are always popular. Think George Kovacs or WAC Lighting for the best in designer bathroom lighting fixtures.

Prices range from about $100 to over $1000, depending on your choices. There are many sources for lighting products, including on the internet. Bathroom light fixtures are very popular, and there is a tremendous selection available from online retailers like AllModern Lighting or WayFair. Bathrooms are a popular remodeling project, and lighting should be considered when planning your remodel.

Ceiling Light Tiles – What To Buy & Where

Ceiling tile lights are available in plenty of types, shapes, sizes, ranges and designs. When choosing a ceiling tile light fixture a few particular requirements must be kept in mind for that perfect buy, for example, how much light it spreads around or diffuses, diffused or direct requirements of lighting, how much maintaining is needed, the cost of installation, how it fit it into the space comprehensively etc.

Chandeliers, indirect lighting, recessed lighting, energy efficient ceiling lighting, track lighting, and indirect lighting, flush mounted or semi flush mounted lighting are some of the ceiling tile lights. They have also a wide range of stylish make from traditional, conventional, Victorian, Tiffany to trendy, stylish, rustic, and tropical – and quite a few others.

If you are putting up recessed ceiling tile lights, you should install them in the middle of the ceiling tile for the prefect appeal to the eyes. If you are putting up 2” X 4” fluorescent light fixtures in a position of ceiling light, then take care that the light fixture is held by wires attached to it in at minimum of two opposite sides. A ceiling that itself is suspended is not suited to balance the weight of a fluorescent fixture without having the fixture held by external means.

An essential attribute of the lighting fixtures one should always look for is that the make maximum utility of the efficiency of the light from bulbs. A lighting fixture bought only because of its beauty may be ultimately a waste because it might emit light showing the cavities of the ceiling or absorb a little too much of the light from the bulb. How much efficient a ceiling lighting fixture is should be taken note of before buying the product. Besides this, you should also bear in mind that particular lighting fixtures are meant for particular ceiling tile lights and the lighting fixtures should be reviewed while making a buy.

The entire style and feel of the area should be thoroughly looked into so that a ceiling tile light blends in effortlessly with the ambiance. A big chandelier would look completely mismatched in a room with a small area just as in a big room a small chandelier would be completely lost to the sight.

Ceiling tile lights offer a number of different finishing touches. When installing ceiling tile lights it is crucial to know what the height of the lights from the floor is. The height would determine what kind of lighting fixture would work out for you. Bedrooms, stairways, hallways, foyers, patios, and task areas are some of the options where you can hang your ceiling tile lights.

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Sponsored Post: Tips For Effective Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting fixtures are very important, not only because of the design of the fixtures but also which kind of light it will be emitted. Bath lighting design and vanity lighting design have a lot of choices to choose from. You’ll be able to pick out from different metals such as iron or copper as well as pick out the color and finish you would like. They have different styles for all of your different lighting needs and to fit different themes. Some are simple and plain while the others seem to be an art more like a light fixture. Bath lights are quite easy to install if you have electrical experience and they can easily be a major change in the appearance of your bathroom. They have a variety of colors, sizes, and design.

There are a considerable variety of light fixtures and it may be difficult to choose what fits perfectly for your home. Most of them are at a very affordable price, depending on the the manufacture, but more often than not you can find bathroom lighting you need. Bar lights (also called bath bars) are simply a short or long bar that is actually a light bulb, which is usually mounted directly on your wall. There are also track lights you can install above your vanity. Bathroom track lights are a row of lights usually consisting of four or more, which are mounted to a rod on the wall. Sconce style lights are often used in combination with a chandelier or bathroom vanity light fixtures used to supplement the light of a room. They come in a variety of styles from modern to traditional, again depending on the brand you choose to purchase from. If you desire a more modern style, you will like the bathroom sconces available from WAC Lighting, while a more traditional approach will be fit by fixtures from Murray Feiss.

The size of the bathroom is the first thing you should keep in mind. You do not want a huge bathroom with small lights or vice versa. It goes without saying, you need a large enough lighting to brighten the entire room and do not want to have dim areas in your bathroom. Try to find something bright and illuminating rather than something dull and dingy. In this case, track lighting is a good light fixture for a huge bathroom.

Where you will put it is another important part of bathroom light fixtures. Many people put them in a wrong place, when you try to see the shadow of the mirror or see the light in some places is not very good. In general, the lights are positioned closer to the mirror when you spend time doing things by the sink or mirror. Lights should actually be placed a few inches taller than you for effective mirror lighting.

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A Few Garden Lighting Tips

Here’s a few tips when it comes to lighting up your garden and outdoor living area, brought to us by Lumens. Halogen lights have been the most popular for many years and have enjoyed their reign at the top. Most halogen lights run off a 12v supply and this is mated to a reflector that sends a nice sharp beam to where you point it. The 12v configuration is very safe and you can change the lighting because 12v is safer. The trick part is the mirror reflectors inside, that do a great job of not only sending the beam out, but sending the generated heat out of the back of the unit. This is important because you don’t want to heat the plants or flowers up, or if you are using these lights to illuminate the decking area, you don’t really want direct heat pointing at your guests.

You can choose the wattage and the beam angle with the halogen bulb, and they are very small. With some new reflectors you can now have a small light that gives more light than the tungsten kinds, and uses half the energy. This is why halogen lights are so common in our gardens.

Next up we have the hanging lights, which as the name suggests can be hung on beams, branches, pergolas, posts or a gazebo . Almost all hanging lights are 12v, and you can experiment with different wattages for light intensity. Usually a 20w bulb is enough to light up a table from above, and if you place the hanging light higher then you may need a 30w bulb. You will also find different reflectors to create wider beams, or decorative filters that can send the light out in all directions. Choose the light unit carefully if you hang them in trees or on hanging tracks, the features may hide some of the light.

LED garden lights are used to create a very focused beam of light that is small, and because of this they are most used in decking areas to mark the decking outline. The small beam will not spread the light and intrude onto the decking. They have a very long life and low energy consumption, so they are ideal for switching on for hours at a time ,day after day. They only come in primary colors and white, and the blue works well near water features, whilst the white is used for decking or patios. This is only a guideline, and it is up to you what you choose.

Linear garden lighting is mainly used to create an outline of a feature such as a tree or rock formation. The light is housed in a string configuration, much like a strip. This is mostly used at parties or at Christmas time for decoration. A good use is to fix them all around a rockery to highlight the edges, or to attach them to a fence and run them around the top. The bulb life is generally quite low, so they are not for long term use unless you upgrade to some xenon lamps which will last for years but are far more expensive. You could also use them for garden path lighting, and place them along the ground on the edge of the path and make a nice strip of light.

Low voltage garden lights have been around for years and are a necessity today. The benefits are plain to see because they are safer. The mains electric is reduced by a transformer to either 12 or 24v, which is safe and will not be fatal. Because the voltage is low you can have flexible cables running through the garden so you can move things around. The higher power cables that run mains electricity are usually fixed as these are more dangerous.

Low energy landscape lighting fixtures stem from the popular halogen lamps which are still used widely today. They are twice as efficient as normal lamps. To save energy always go for the 12v designs, these do a good job of highlighting any plants and flowers with a nice focused beam. For bigger saving go for LED lights which have a lamp life of over 50000 hours and can also run on a 12v supply.

Recessed lights are used on flat surfaces where you don’t want an upright light that you can trip over. Patios, decking and pathways are the choice for these lights. They also help with mowing the lawn as they will not get in the way. Typically they produce a fixed beam that can light a certain area or feature, but there are adjustable one’s which can throw light onto a wall or tree nearby. The only downsides are that they are more difficult to install, and they can create a lot of heat, so if you have them sunken in the floor be careful not to stand on them with bare feet, or your pet’s feet.

Step lighting is used to light steps and they serve a more practical use. This is for safety first as you need to be able to see each step along the way. They can be recessed into the actual step, or they can be by the side of the steps. Most of them have a shield or canopy to stop the light source from shining directly upwards. The reason is so that people using the steps are not blinded by the direct light. This is much safer and can prevent accidents.

There are a few other kinds of lights such as spreadlights and under water lights which i have covered in previous posts. Remember, there is a great choice of products around and they all serve their own little functions. If you are not sure then ask someone, either at the garden center or online and they should be able to tell you what to go for. Experiment as much as you want until you find the perfect set up for your garden.

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Tips For Modern Office Decor

It is important to decorate your office well. Your office represents you to your clients. That is why the décor needs to be perfect and clutter free. It is not just a place where you work. It is also the place where you spend a lot of your time and your clients come here frequently. If your office place is dirty and messed up then it won’t create a good image for sure. Office furniture is also very important. You need not spend much to buy the office chairs. You can search online and can find many reliable sites. In those sites you can some really comfortable office chairs in an affordable price. Many people are opting for these chairs online through manufacturers like Gus Modern and Blu Dot. Although you may be a fan of office furniture from the popular Herman Miller line, you likely will want something that more fits your budget.

Use of Space

It is important to utilize the space in your office properly. You need not choose oversized chairs as that will spoil the whole look. You need to make your office space look clean and professional. The comfortable chairs and classy table needs to be placed well. You can place some artwork on the table. You can hang some simple artwork on the wall. It is your office place so there will definitely be work chart and other details. Your office must represent your personality. Apart from professionalism a personal touch will also be great.

Office chairs are extremely important. You spend a lot of time on that every day. It must be comfortable enough for that. The online stores are truly the best place for such deal. You will surely find the comfortable and affordable chairs you were looking for. Your stay in your office will become comfortable and peaceful for sure.

Dining Room Chandeliers

A dining room chandelier is a beautiful addition to your home that has the ability to generate the kind of ambiance that will bring your family closer to each other. These gorgeous lighting fixtures are usually the focus of attention of family members who are celebrating a momentous occasion. Warm conversations are quickly started, usually centering on the allure of the dining room chandelier, fostering close camaraderie among family members.

In the past, chandeliers for the dining room came in huge sizes and could encompass almost a quarter of the room size. These chandelier pieces can only be found in palatial homes and various establishments. Today, designers were able to fashion chandeliers that are appropriate for regular to medium sized rooms that are usually found in an average American home. There are many kinds of dining room chandeliers that you can purchase from a lighting fixture specialty stores. There are those that are composed of crystal and steel combination, glass, paper, and in some cases, wood. These are usually complemented by metal or wrought iron connectors. These wrought iron pieces also sometimes acts as elaborate accents that form part of the overall design of the dining room chandelier.

The sizes of these dining room chandeliers also vary. There are those that are perfect matches for large dining rooms, while others have just the perfect sizes for them to be suspended from the ceiling to a low height of about three or four feet off the surface of the table. This is why that it is important to determine the size of the area of your dining room so that you may know the size of the chandelier, as well as the type, to buy. Another important thing to note is that since dining room chandeliers are composed of a variety of designs and materials, you must try to match the motif of the room with the design and the type of materials that would best suit it.

I bought a 9 Chandelier from LucePlan which I installed in my dining room. When it is time to have dinner, I switched it on and immediately it displayed a beautiful splendor that instantly warmed the ambiance. It was so beautiful that everyone on the table had something great to say about it. I am very satisfied and glad that I bought this chandelier. If you want the same effect in your dining room, you should also get one. I am sure you will be very satisfied as I am now.

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